118: London Stories; ’67 – ’68

August 21, 2017

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In a recent show, we profiled a pair of Liverpudlians who witnessed the Beatles up close and personal during their ascent to greatness. This time, we feature conversations with two personas – one English, one American – who likewise had a series of most memorable encounters with The Beatles; by this time, greatness achieved. Richard and Robert talked with the two Davids: the Brit is David Stark; the Yank goes by “Mr. Bonzai.”
Check out David Stark’s online Beatles archive here and Songlink International here.
Check out John Lennon’s Tooth here – Mr. Bonzai’s site here, and his podcast pilot here.
Find Robert’s books here.
Find Richard’s books here.
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    9 Responses to “118: London Stories; ’67 – ’68”

    1. James Says:

      Unbelievable indeed.


    2. Kevin Says:

      These stories are like crack for me. More…. more…


    3. Paul T Says:

      Brilliant show, and as George would say – they were THUR!


    4. Duncan W Says:

      My favourite show to date and there are many to choose from. Both David’s have amazing stories to tell and tell them they do with honesty and humour. I laughed a lot listening to these close up Beatles encounters but also felt sad thinking about such a different era of innocence when you could knock on John Lennon’s front door and be told to come back later cos he’s sleeping !


    5. riddell Thomas Says:

      Amazing the 1st David’s story was something but then the 2nd David’s story went that step further.. blew my mind


    6. David M Says:

      Only listened to first half so far. Great stuff. BTW Hanratty was guilty. DNA evidence proved it in 2002.


    7. Bill Slocum Says:

      Really, the common denominator in these two guys’ experiences is to go for what you want, and don’t let anything unnerve you. Hard to imagine stealing yourself to pay one visit to John Lennon’s gated estate, let alone come back again later.


    8. Sven B Says:

      I have listened to all the podcasts, but this one was totally amazing! Quite incredible stories here and absolutely evidence of a very different world in the 60s. Gives support to the motto of ‘Who Dares Wins’. Without a doubt, my favourite podcast so far . . .


    9. Jim Mullahy Says:

      These two fellows have fantastic stories, and they brought them to life very well. A great show.


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