115: Collecting The Beatles

July 31, 2017

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The Beatles remain the most collected rock band on the face of the planet: records of every kind – books – art – toys – and so forth. That’s just for the mainstream fandom; for the more serious collectors, there are promotional items, rare pressings, autographs, etc. Beyond even this, there rare those who’ve made it their pursuit to acquire items of a more personal nature: clothing – glasses – instruments – teeth.
Of those in the latter two categories, Robert and Richard spoke with Todd Jackson and Russ Lease, both of whom have assembled what must be described as world-class collections.
You can see items from Russ’s collection (along with a few others) on tour – click here for info.
Find Richard’s books here.
Find Robert’s books here.
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    6 Responses to “115: Collecting The Beatles”

    1. BW Says:

      Those jackets are great. Great quality, great vibe. Still bummed that I can’t get the Budokan Jacket one any longer.


    2. Paul T Says:

      V interesting & informative as ever. I bought a Butcher & DJ Penny Lane from the same shop in Seattle in 78 and I guess one of my other best buys and re-sales was a Cavern brick. Also had and sold a WINGS in Japan 1980 concert programme etc.blah blah…


    3. Simon Says:

      Not a collector other than completing the original singles though not red label Love Me Do. What jumped out at me was Robert talking about people at school giving him things. I got called Beatle at school- born 66 and obsessive abiut Beatles from about 9 or 10. Got given Twist and Shout ep and felt obliged to give my friend 10p as free seemed a rip off. The ones I really wanted were the Christmas discs one friend let me borrow but wouldnever givs ovsr, even for a priceAt one time I had four copies of I Feel Fine – I couldn’t say no. The pre/post Lennon death was being “insulted” as ‘hippy” for carrying around Plastic Ono Band and Extra Texture to being asked to lend stuff after 1980. Only found podcast in April and now an essential listen. Thank you. A podcast on Star Club tapes would be my suggestion


    4. CWood Says:

      So funny — I got into the Beatles the same way. Blue Album, then Red Album, then all the other albums. I read Illustrated Record, Longest Cocktail Party, Apple To The Core, and Lennon Remembers many times (still have those books). Only ever cared for actual Beatles product, no real interest in merchandise. First bootleg was Sweet Apple Tracks, then Five Nights In a Judo Arena, etc. (Big revelation: the Back Track CD). Let It Be Outtakes on VHS, on and on it went. Hey, I was even given a bunch of Yellow Submarine stuff in the 90’s!
      (Love your podcast.)


    5. WingsFan2012 Says:

      Great show guys. You should have had “Fest” collector expert Jeff Augsburger on…………..


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