16: “Dutch Imports”

March 17, 2015

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SATB 16 rev

In this episode, Richard and Robert provide an overview of the seventies-era underground Beatle releases, ranging from live recordings to Twickenham Nagra reels.

Songs include: “Have You Heard the Word,”  “You Can’t Do That,” “She Came In Through The Bathroom Window” and “You Never Give Me Your Money.”

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    4 Responses to “16: “Dutch Imports””

    1. Bob K Says:

      I have a hUGE collection of the 1970’s LP’s…. and yes! like, how it was in the 1960’s, anything that came out on the Beatles you couldn’t wait to hear. Bootlegs served that purpose in the 70’s with some unheard stuff. “Have you heard the word” sounded “off” but they fooled their sound other times. “LS Bumble Bee” didn’t sound like them (although the one voice did sound Beatle-ish)…all those odd records that, while deceiving, they were enjoyable.
      Added something to discuss. BTW…the old LP’s were dead cheap…not so in the 80’s, and then the CD’s….
      so, cannot complain if once in the while, a Boot contained some false material (Indian Rope Trick) they were still fun!


    2. Shaun Says:

      Hi guys just wanted to drop a line saying how much I enjoyed this episode, I have a few bootlegs all on cd mainly from eBay,

      Please carry on with this wonderful podcast it’s one I always look forward too.


    3. Billy Shears Says:

      I wish you said something about Peace of Mind (Candle Burn) … nevermind.


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