Video podcast 01: Something About The Beatles at The Fest I

September 13, 2014

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This special video podcast depicts show 09, Was Sgt. Pepper The Beatles’ Creative Peak?, in the studio and at The Fest For Beatles Fans in Rosemont. See for yourself why Richard and Robert have faces made for radio.

Special guest: Beatles Historian Mark Lewisohn, author of All Those Years: Tune In

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    4 Responses to “Video podcast 01: Something About The Beatles at The Fest I”

    1. Andrew P Says:

      Um. Just “watched” this and had black all the way through.
      Not a big deal, except I still don’t know “why Richard and Robert have faces made for radio”.
      Any reason for the blackout?


      • Andrew P Says:

        Great discussion, btw.


      • Us Says:

        No idea, except that I know that once or twice before, previously posted shows disappeared on their own and had to be reposted. The video does still exist: maybe I’ll track it down and upload it elsewhere, in case anyone is interested.


    2. Marto Says:

      Same to me. Can’t see it on my laptop, only on my phone.

      By the way, talking about the way people appreciate Pepper and Revolver, I don’t know if you’ve come across an article from two german sociologists about rock canonization. It’s called “Nevermind The Beatles, here’s Exile 61 and Nico: ‘The top 100 records of all time’ – a canon of pop and rock albums from a sociological and an aesthetic perspective” written by Ralf von Appen and André Doehring [in the journal Popular Music, Vol. 25, No. 1, Special Issue on Canonisation (Jan., 2006), pp. 21-39].

      “For this article the authors analysed thirty-eight lists of ‘The 100 greatest albums of all time’ type. As the findings demonstrate, a canon of popular music has evolved which shows strong tendencies towards stability in featuring albums from the late 1960s (especially those by The Beatles), while only a few albums from the 1990s have gained ‘classic’ status.”

      In the lists from 1985 to 1999, Pepper is the first album in this canon of rock, but from 2000 to 2004 Revolver holds the first place.

      That’s it.



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