57: Their Biggest Mistakes

June 10, 2016

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In this episode, Robert and Richard discuss three (or more) critical errors of judgment that cost The Beatles big time in terms of harmony and longevity. Drugs? Klein? Yoko? Lack of parity between the principle songwriters? Quitting touring? What were the factors that, had they gone another way, might have kept the band on track longer?

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    14 Responses to “57: Their Biggest Mistakes”

    1. Chris Says:

      I don’t know where I heard this, but Robert Stigwood’s name was thrown around as a possible replacement for Brian Epstein, only because he was a part of NEMS. In terms of a mistake, based on the interview segments with John, was not actually reading the documents that the band was signing. Always read before you sign on the dotted line.


    2. riddell Thomas Says:

      Once dynamics are set in relationships, it’s hard to change your perception of someone. When families get together or old friends they revert roll ie geogre, p paul and john. Perhaps if george had have been writing from the start he would have been on a equal footing. But he was always playing catch-up. Do you not think the beatles had just become stale for john and george and no matter what they had done it had run it’s course. Really they should have just took a break, got what they had to get out if there system. Then got back together. Also the demo of Cold Turkey is that john doin a Marc Bolan, sounds like early t rex


    3. Pat Says:

      I think they quit at a right time. It takes real foresight and humility to quit when you’re ahead


    4. Andy Oz Says:

      Hey guys,
      Great ep. Re “The Inner Light”, it is a great melody but you should check out the 1958 recording on Youtube of Jan Peerce singing “September Song”. The opening is very close indeed! John and Paul should have given him a little coaching on less obvious nicking.


    5. Bill Decoste Says:

      I’ve always wished the Beatles could have gone back to touring in 1969 as did the Rolling Stones. But, as alluded to in the podcast, the Stones fired Brian Jones that year. While many were unhappy with the move, the Stones were nevertheless able to pull it off. The Beatles didn’t have this luxury. The cooperation and harmony of all four Beatles was paramount. Also, while I have heard many times the reasons for John and Paul not showing up at the Concert for Bangladesh, I have to wonder if there was a jealousy factor involved as well. Maybe neither of them wanted to go on stage that night (with their own bands) playing second fiddle to George.


    6. Billy Shears Says:

      This was a sad episode 🙁


    7. RJ Says:

      Lost me forever with that cheap shot at the beginning. Keep your politics out of it.


      • Alex Says:

        I agree. I am new to this podcast and I stopped listening to this episode and will NEVER listen to this podcast ever again because of the nasty swipe at Trump. Love him or hate him, WTF does Trump have to do with this story? How on earth does anyone compare Trump to Kline? I hope it was worth it for you because you pissed off a lot of people – myself included. Idiot.


      • Tony D Says:

        I think treating George like an amateur that they could boss around was the biggest mistake from Paul especially but also John.


      • Beetal Says:

        What a tragedy. Bye, precious.


    8. James Says:

      C’mon RJ. An offhand remark on Tronel’d Dump so wounds you that you’re no longer able to endure a Beatles podcast. Would you have asked the Beatles to keep their politics out of it? Fifty years ago you’d have been among the simpletons burning their records, or boycotting their concerts.


      • Alex Says:

        The Beatles should have stayed out of politics to. No one cared what Lennon thought of Vietnam. And don’t compare The Beatles to some dopey website that anyone can easily walk away from. This political
        Dig at Trunp had no place here. Why not make a dig at Obama or Hitlery????


        • RB Says:

          Well, The Beatles didn’t stay out of politics, our politics are closely aligned with theirs, and if name-callers who liken Hilary Clinton to Hitler are “pissed off” by our “cheap shot” at Trump, then yes, it’s well worth losing you forever. Bye!


    9. BW Says:

      I think that Paul’s comment about “George as his baby brother” is meant with NOTHING but love. I really do. George has ALWAYS been nasty about Paul. Paul, not so much regarding George. Paul’s usually been pretty good about George and I can’t recall many (if any) times that Paul put him down, at least publicly. Regarding your comment about “Paul always brought 100% to George’s songs” – seriously- WHY did George NEVER acknowledge that? My goodness the bass line in “Something” (which of course George dissed-?!?!?!?) is one of the most brilliant bass lines EVER and probably one the best in The Beatle catalog.

      Not sure why, but in the past month or so, the whole “George vs Paul” thing has taken up a lot of my “Beatle Brain”. I don’t get it and think that it was George’s own inferiority complex that was the issue. In bands, you always have guys that have a lot of drive and you have guys that’re content to “go along”. For years, George was content to be in the latter camp. Later, he changed his mind and wanted a bigger share of the writing space. Who knows if (or maybe it was in the HOW) that George approached J&P about it. As we all know, George could be pretty acidic at times (where Paul seemed to be more diplomatic and for John it’d depend on the day of the week). If George kind of ‘demanded’ more attention, that’d rub the majors the wrong way. But if he’d have just talked to them (maybe he did) as friends, maybe it could’ve happened. But it’d have to happen at the right time and not towards the end.

      While I love George’s songs, there are some that don’t measure up that I think should’ve been rejected by the band in favor of better stuff (Only a Northern Song and Not Guilty both come to mind). Also – George’s songs (for a guy that was supposedly all about love) were pretty negative:
      1) Don’t Bother Me (I’ve got no time for you right now)
      2) You Like Me Too Much (If I just don’t treat you right)
      3) Think For Yourself
      4) Not Guilty (F You John and Paul)
      5) I Me Mine

      When he was positive, that’s when he was great and would sort of ‘measure up’.
      1) Here Comes the Sun
      2) I Need You
      3) If I Needed Someone
      4) It’s All Too Much

      But man, he spent so much time brooding. Even when interviewed, he could be pretty crappy.

      Btw kids, it’s their show, if they want to make the Trump comment, get over it or do your own show claiming that Trump was bigger than Jesus. Gimme a break. It’s ridiculous that in 2016 people can’t get over the “My candidate can beat up your candidate”. Geez, what, are we 6? BOTH of them are lame choices by the way. Welcome to America 2016.


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