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127: John Lennon, “Invisible Guitarist”

December 4, 2017


John once observed that, in his opinion, Paul was “…an egomaniac about everything else about himself, but his bass playing” – which was as influential as it was innovative. It is therefore a delicious irony to report the same was true of John: while he touted his status as an artist (not to mention “genius”) at every opportunity, […]

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126: 70s Beatle Fandom, etc…

November 24, 2017


SATB began as a conversation between two Beatle friends who happened to be writers; this episode began as a conversation about being a Beatles fan in the 70s. But in both instances, some unexpected twists and turns along the way led to other destinations… I’d like you all to meet Andrew Vaughan – a good […]

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125: Roy Orbison, Tom Petty and the Traveling Wilburys 

November 2, 2017


The unexpected loss of The Heartbreakers’ leader (and “Charlie T./Muddy Wilbury”) presents an opportunity to look back on the career of the accidental supergroup: the Traveling Wilburys, whose debut album issued almost thirty years ago represented an unimaginable musical collaboration among some of rocks’s giants. Presenting their back story is rock journalist Jeff Slate (, […]

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124: Finding The Fourth Beatle with David Bedford

October 22, 2017


  You may already know the author of Liddypool  and The Fab 104 for his meticulous research in already well-trod grounds. But with his latest work, David Bedford reveals new revelations – some of them shocking. In Finding The Fourth Beatle, David brings a fresh interpretation and critical new analysis to Beatles scholarship, going where the evidence leads him regarding the […]

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123: All About That Bassist

October 7, 2017


In something of a departure from the usual, SATB presents a conversation with Arion Salazar, original bass player with Third Eye Blind (“Semi-Charmed Life” – “Losing A Whole Year” – “How’s It Going To Be” – “Never Let You Go”) and this year on tour with XEB. As you will hear, he is an accomplished […]

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122: Simpsons Stories

September 28, 2017


In 1989, Paul McCartney hit the road again for the first time in a decade. That same year, the longest running sitcom in US TV history debuted, and like Sir Paul, The Simpsons is still in action today. In addition to the high-calibre talent involved from day one, the show has made frequent references to […]

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121: New York Stories

September 17, 2017


  Our guest’s 13 year-old face has left an indelible impression upon the memory of every Beatles fan who has ever watched their debut appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show. Deb Supnik (nee Gendler), dubbed “the first fan” by director Andrew Solt,  is much more than just an attendee of The Beatles’ first live TV […]

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120: Hey Jude / Revolution

September 5, 2017


49 years ago, The Beatles launched their Apple label with one of rock’s most successful single releases. Paul’s “Hey Jude,” backed with John’s “Revolution” – if not officially a double A-side release – surely ranks as among the finest 7″ records the group ever produced. It was also, as George observed years later, a real […]

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119: Skiffle, The Beatles, and Billy Bragg

August 29, 2017


For too many years, the role of Skiffle in The Beatles’ development as artists has been glossed over or diminished.

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118: London Stories; ’67 – ’68

August 21, 2017


In a recent show, we profiled a pair of Liverpudlians who witnessed the Beatles up close and personal during their ascent to greatness. This time, we feature conversations with two personas – one English, one American – who likewise had a series of most memorable encounters with The Beatles; by this time, greatness achieved. Richard […]

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