98: I’ve Seen That Road Before – Beatle Influencers and Inspirations

March 25, 2017

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SATB 98 final

Like all successful artists, The Beatles drew from sources all over the place, some obvious; some not so much. In this detailed discussion, Richard and Robert provide a precise rundown of songs and artists whose work directly impacted particular Beatle recordings. 

Songs include “Albatross” and “The Inner Light.” 

Find Robert’s books here.

Find Richard’s books here.

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    12 Responses to “98: I’ve Seen That Road Before – Beatle Influencers and Inspirations”

    1. jim Says:

      a long time ago, i heard an elmore james song that was distinctly similar to ‘for you blue’. also on the grateful dead’s mars hotel album is a similar harrison soundalike.
      sorry, but dunno the exact titles of either.


    2. Tony aka Pismotality Says:

      Albatross may have been inspired by Chuck Berry’s Deep Feeling as much as by Santo and Johnny’s Sleepwalk – yet another posible example of the late Mr Berry’s influence on the Beatles, albeit at one remove this time. Listen to the drums as well as the guitar.


    3. Richard Says:

      How about( a suggestion) a podcast on some of the biography movies that were made about the Beatles, there accuracy or not. I am thinking of “Nowhere Boy” “Backbeat” “Birth Of The Beatles”, there maybe a few others that I don’t recall at the moment.


    4. David M Says:

      Or a podcast on the new Flowers in the Dirt boxset, approaching with an open mind, leaving all prejudices about solo McCartney at the door?

      This one was very interesting.


    5. BW Says:

      Great show! Thanks


    6. Paul T Says:

      Great show guys (no change there) – I used to cash Danny Kirwan’s cheques in the bank where I worked in the 70s – he was lead guitarist on Albatross!


    7. Tony aka Pismotality Says:

      Listening to The Long and Winding Road it occurred to me that there is a chapter of Alice in Wonderland entitled “The Pool of Tears”. Could it be that Lennon wasn’t the only one to be influenced by Lewis Carroll?


    8. Billy Shears Says:

      The thing about Moonlight Sonata, as far as I know is that Yoko was playing it at the piano (which I can play myself so I can tell it is an easy piece to play) and she was asked by George Harrison to played it in reverse.


      • rickylee369 Says:

        Yoko was playing Moonlight Sonata on the piano. She was classically trained. I said, ‘Can you play those chords backward?’ and wrote Because around them. The lyrics speak for themselves; they’re clear. No bullshit. No imagery, no obscure references.

        John Lennon


    9. J Neo Marvin Says:

      Funny how Iggy Pop escaped any lawsuits for the lines HE adapted from “You Can’t Catch Me” on the Stooges’ “1970”.

      “Flyin’ with my baby last Saturday night
      Not a gray cloud floatin’ in sight
      Big full moon shinin’ up above
      Cuddle up honey, be my love”


      “Out of my mind on Saturday night
      1970 rollin’ in sight
      Radio Birdman’ up above
      Beautiful baby, be my love”


    10. Colin Ricketts Says:

      Excellent show. Thank you.


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