95: Heart’s Ann Wilson Talks Beatles

March 3, 2017

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This episode features Robert and Richard in conversation with singer/songwriter Ann Wilson from Heart, who reveals how her deep love for The Beatles set her and sister Nancy on their life path from childhood. Also featured is Heart’s guitarist Craig Bartock (his second appearance), who offers insight into how a female singer approaches Beatles music. (Lastly, your hosts present some of their favorite Beatle covers by female artists.)

Songs include “Across The Universe.” 

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Look for the Ann Wilson of Heart tour dates here.

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    11 Responses to “95: Heart’s Ann Wilson Talks Beatles”

    1. BW Says:

      Ann Wilson rules. Such a great singer.


    2. BW Says:

      Heart’s live cover of “I’m Down” (and more so, their cover of Zep’s “Rock N Roll”) absolutely shreds. They did such a great job on those. While they did a great job of “Stairway to Heaven”, check out their version of “Battle of Evermore”. I so prefer it to the Zep version. I’ve got most of Heart’s stuff, somehow I missed “Dear Old America”- great track, thanks for intro’ing me to that. Yup- Bebe Le Strange was a great album. Great song to end with!


    3. Pat Says:

      Ann Wilson made the common mistake in the song “Across the Universe” of singing “they slither while they pass…” The correct lyric is “they slither wildly as…” Of course most lyric sheets and websites has that common error and even Sean Lennon sang that lyric. Robert – John Lennon didn’t just sing one verse of “Hound Dog” (Elvis did that himself in his concerts in the 70s). John sang both verses that Elvis sang on his original single.


      • Bill Says:

        John had his own mondegreen in his cover of Chuck Berry’s “Memphis Tennessee,” changing the lyric from “my uncle” to the perplexing character known only to him as “Smallcoat.”


    4. Mark Brown Says:

      Hi Annie, Hun. Is this the Koded Stairway to Heaven? Please send to Annie-Hun. HURRY-UP.
      Annie Wilson, in care of Heart. Her sister Nurse Nancy, already committed to Save America.
      I just want to talk to Annie-DreamBoat Annie.
      Thank You- Maverick–Mark Brown PA Johns Hopkins


    5. Georgio Says:

      Heart is truly kick ass! “Crazy on you”- is better than “Stairway”


    6. Billy Shears Says:

      I loved the story of nicking the records …. I haven’t nicked any record but somehow I ended up with 3 copies of the First vinyl of 1967/1970.


    7. James Says:



    8. Pat Says:

      Rosanne Cash also did a fine version of “I’m Only Sleeping.”


    9. Alanna Says:

      So enjoyed this. Ann Wilson and Craig Bartock RAWK! Loved the stories, the whole interview was awesome! Thank you! Looking forward with great excitement for the Ann Wilson of Heart show March 15th in Denver!


    10. WingsJer Says:

      Ann Wilson is great and her love of the Beatles/Solo Beatles comes across. Great episode


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