94: The Man Who Gave The Beatles Away – Allan Williams Remembered

February 22, 2017

Podcast, Podcasting


In this special expended edition of SATB, Richard and Robert sit down with Beatles historian and author Mark Lewisohn to review the life and times of the Beatles’ first manager (yes, manager), who passed away late last year. Songs include “Ramrod” and “Shimmy Shimmy.”   

[Art assistance by Mary Ruth Webb]

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    16 Responses to “94: The Man Who Gave The Beatles Away – Allan Williams Remembered”

    1. Fran Festa Says:

      Fantastic. My favorite period in the groups’ history. Well done, lads!


    2. Pablo Ramon Says:

      One of your all time best episodes!


    3. Leppo Says:

      I love your show and learn something new every time. I’m trying to spread the word for you.


    4. Kevin Says:

      I could listen to Alan Williams stories all day… what a character. A treat to hear Mark, too. Thanks for another great one!


    5. WingsJer Says:

      Like many second generation fans, my first memory of hearing or seeing Allan Williams was his big role in the early part of the 1982 long unavailable “Compleat Beatles” movie.
      Now my last memory is his interviews included with the “Eight Days A Week” Blu-ray. RIP Allan! Having Mark Lewisohn on is always a treat. Also good luck and have fun to all who are attending next weekends NY/NJ “Fest for Beatles Fans” aka “Beatlefest”. Enjoy and have a blast!


    6. James Says:

      Beautiful. People like this are priceless. Two of your best episodes, back to back.


    7. George Spigott Says:

      Amazing episode! Really enjoyed that, thanks so much!


    8. Paul McNulty Says:

      Marvellous episode! Probably my favourite so far
      along with the Twickenham one. The ‘wasps’
      story had me laughing out loud on the train…
      Once again that particular time and place is shown
      to have been full of extraordinary people not least
      Williams. A touching but not sentimental tribute
      strengthened further by Mark and Richard’s
      connection with its subject. Thanks


    9. STEVEN Says:

      ..this audio clip is from the Liverpool Convention in the Adelphi Hotel !


    10. David Morgan Says:

      Great stuff, guys! Something I wondered about afterwards, did Williams have a financial stake in the Live at the Star Club Album, he believed it would sell 8 million! He must have thought he had the holy grail on his hands, an unreleased Beatles album. And what did it then sell? 100,000? That many?


    11. Paul T Says:

      Fantastic cast and almost a ‘holiday’ for Robert for a change! As you know I took part in a lot of the stories that you told so can relate and say ‘I Was There.’


    12. Dan Says:

      Wow, what a great episode. Having read Man Who Gave… as a ten year old in 1976, I never tire of hearing stories about Williams. So fascinating to hear all of your stories.

      Thank you so much!


    13. Matt Kindelmann Says:

      Very enjoyable episode and it’s always a pleasure hearing you guys speak with Mark. Love the 1960-62 Beatles. When I was Liverpool in 2015, I went to the White Star off of Mathew Street and there were plaques marking where the Beatles supposedly sat during a meeting with Allan. Do you know anything about that?


    14. Tony aka Pismotality Says:

      This was thoroughly enjoyable – and occasionally poignant – from start to finish; congratulations all round. Loved the “mug” story. Re Allan’s manhood, I don’t see why Jane Asher was laughing quite so much; she is, after all, The Woman Who Threw Paul’s Song-Containing Notebooks Away While Springcleaning … which would be a great title for the autobiography she is unlikely to write.


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