92: The Beatles – A Day In Their Lives 

February 11, 2017

Podcast, Podcasting

SATB 92 rev

In which Richard and Robert trace the rather momentous events of February 11th (give or take) throughout the entirety of The Beatles’ career. As with their Christmas messages, each fixed date saw major developments, mostly positive ones. Songs include “There’s A Place,” “Woman” and “Instant Karma.”

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    11 Responses to “92: The Beatles – A Day In Their Lives ”

    1. Dan Eilenberg Says:

      Let’s see, let’s see … Feb. 11 … Feb. 11 … 1964?!

      It’s not fully registering but that particular one seems to stand out in my mind as one of the more significant ones. Not just for a “Feb. 11” but, I mean of course, as a date in American history.

      Yeah, yeah, yeah … YEEEAAAAH (Major 6th!!)

      Great fellas! Can’t wait to listen. Cheers!!


    2. Erick King Says:

      Richard make fake Yoko in surround sound!


    3. Cajun Queen Says:

      Very interesting re: “Woman”; that was new to me


    4. Christopher Says:

      The drummer on “Cold Turkey” was Jim Gordon.


    5. David Morgan Says:

      Another good one. I, for one, am really good they never did “What Goes On” live. Complete dog of a song, in their bottom 5 for sure.


    6. Bill Says:

      Surprised with your mentions of Sheryl Crow, Sarah Palin, and Jennifer Aniston, you left off mentioning one American female who literally grabbed a piece of Beatles history on Feb. 11, 1964, Beverly Markowitz of Silver Spring, MD, the original “Billie Shears” who famously snipped a lock of Ringo’s hair at the British Embassy function that day. Here’s a clip on her I found on the internet: http://www.donaldsauter.com/ringo-hair-embassy.htm


    7. Sinfony Says:

      I’ve always thought they dropped Act Naturally because it is far trickier to pull off than I Wanna Be Your Man.

      For a start, you have to detune the E string on all the guitars down to D in preparation then you’ve got the stop/start parts having to be coordinated as well as the tricky lead parts against a wall of screams. I Wanna Be Your Man by contrast is mostly a basic 3 chord stomp.


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