90: George and Paul

January 27, 2017

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Within the Beatles, there were any number of complex inter-personal dynamics. Those between the group’s lead guitarist and bassist were among the most convoluted: the Pisces fish vs. Gemini twin. In this episode, Richard and Robert discuss, examine and otherwise attempt to interpret this most volatile relationship as it evolved over time. Songs include “Don’t Ever Change, “I Me Mine” and “All Things Must Pass.” 

Find Robert’s books here.

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    17 Responses to “90: George and Paul”

    1. Roland Says:

      lookin forward to this since your announcement of this episode,tnx and Godbless


    2. Eoghan Lyng Says:

      Nice podcast.

      Nice and objective.

      Both can be described as petty:

      I don’t know why Harrison refused to sing with McCartney at Live Aid, when he wanted to feed starving children as much as anyone else, and Macca seems a bit petty to turn down the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame when it was about The Beatles.

      It’s a cool topic. Look forward to the next one.


    3. Walter Says:

      I remember hearing somewhere that Paul was the first person George called after hearing that his father (or his mother?)had passed away. Is that true?


      • Us Says:

        I hadn’t heard that but it could be true. The Harrisons (Harold and Louise) were very embracing of young Paul and he would’ve known them well.


    4. Cajun Queen Says:

      Sidebar: There are truckloads of photos of G+P singing together at the same mike in live perf, but hardly any of G+J at the same mike. A coupla years ago I did a pretty deep Internet search, but could only turn up a small handful of G+J.


    5. Niels Says:

      I have trouble listening to this episode on mac/iphone.

      Keep up the excellent Work!


    6. Steve Says:

      Everybody should listen to this scathing assessment of the documentary EIGHT DAYS A WEEK by respected Australian broadcaster and Beatles fan Rod Quinn


      Have a listen it is great. Ron Howard cops a blasting for not researching well enough.


    7. Niels Says:

      It wont play on my iphone unfortunately. All episodes have no problem.


    8. David Morgan Says:

      Excellent episode, very insightful.

      Glad you discussed Chaos and Creation in some detail, for what it’s worth “Friends to Go” to me sounds like another song about his troubled relationship.


    9. WingsJer Says:

      Great show guys. Luv ya George, but man he had so much grumpiness and anger toward Paul at times. man! Love contributions Paul did to “Weeps” and “I Me Mine” and just impeccable like you stated. I think a lot of George’s issues date back to when they were kids but a lot of it seems to be misdirected anger he should have had toward John. How all 3 of them in the Anthology push the myth of why George left the “Get Back” sessions when the real reason was John’s heroin/Yoko addictions. The “Druge, Divorce, and a Slipping Image” book is one of my favorite Beatles books and sets the record straight. Also love “Friends To Go” as well-should have been on “Pure McCartney”


      • Erin Says:

        I agree with you 100% that a lot of George’s anger at Paul was really misplaced anger towards John. And yes, I’m also beyond sick of the “Paul and George’s argument was the reason George left” stories. I will definitely have to check out that Drugs, Divorce, Slipping Image book


    10. Billy Shears Says:

      Sorry, just wondering, where is the Christmas episode (episode #84)?
      I haven’t finished to listen at it … well, I had 15 minutes left.


    11. jim Says:

      having difficulty accessing this episode to listen to it as well…


    12. Grete Ringgaard Says:

      Would have loved to hear George’s guitar on Wanderlust. Lovely song by Paul.
      Nice objective show guys.


    13. Rose Decatur Says:

      This is the second episode I’ve listened to, and I’m glad. Although I thought “Death and the Beatles” was a bit rushed and biased against Paul, I found this episode fascinating. I thought it was a great, even-handed discussion that was fair to both George and Paul and did a great job outlining their complex yet loving relationship. Kudos especially for refuting the myth about the Let It Be sesssions. Kudos as well for not taking George’s words as Gospel (as so many Beatles fans do). I think it’s correct that George could be cutting and needlessly grumpy, but it’s wrong to think he was that way ALL of the time. The mention of the home movie taken by Ringo where George is denigrating the looks of old Liverpool fans – and Paul chastises him for it – is interesting. Was it in the Scorsese doc? I don’t remember it.


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