89: Post-Beatles Albums That Never Were

January 21, 2017

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Not what you might think: collations of solo Beatle songs, if they’d been recorded for collective Beatle albums. Instead, Robert and Richard focus on albums that were conceived and/or recorded by each ex-Beatle that, somehow, never made it to release. Songs include “I Can Help,” “Sat Singing,” “Tennessee” and “Tragedy.”

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    12 Responses to “89: Post-Beatles Albums That Never Were”

    1. Rick Says:

      Having never heard several of these solo tracks, I really appreciated this song. One word on John’s songs, I heard John channeling Nilsson channeling Randy Newman. That is, potentially superior stuff.


    2. Rick Says:

      I meant to say I really appreciated the episode. Now that I’ve heard it all, I’m not at all surprised to find that Paul had, at least based on this program, the greatest number of fine, unreleased songs: Tragedy, 1882, and Mama’s Little Girl . . . all songs that deserved to be completed and released. But, wow, Tennessee and Sat Singing were terrific as well.


      • Maurice Dorreboom Says:

        I agree,

        McCartney should release an outtakes box, just like Springsteen and Bon Jovi did. There must be a mountain of songs laying on shelves and in vaults.



    3. Pismotality Says:

      That’s a very good version of Tragedy. It sounds as though it derives from the Fleetwoods’ smoother remake rather than Thomas Wayne’s gutsier original (produced by Scotty Moore). Not that Macca is slavishly copying the Fleetwoods, more that their harmonies and the general feel of the instrumental arrangement sound like his starting point. All three recordings have their merits.


    4. WingsJer Says:

      A Paul outtake/rarities box is long overdue. “I Can Help” is pure Ringo and would have loved in the 80’t to hear Ringo sing it. And always curious how the 2 LP version of “Red Rose Speedway” would have been received?


    5. BW Says:

      YES – in the US I TOTALLY thought “I Can Help” was the new Ringo song when it came out. In fact, THAT is the only reason that I ever listened to it as a kid. Billy Swan’s lift at the end of his phrases is SO Ringo. The Arthur Alexander song isn’t bad at all. Sounds like it could’ve been on the “Ringo” album (with a bit of a remix). “Old Wave” makes the Chips album look like The White Album.

      You mentioned Paul’s “Return to Pepperland” – man, that was terrible. No soul in those tracks whatsoever, just very sanitized, no edge at all. I was SO glad he didn’t release that stuff and reworked a few of the tracks.

      The original cover of “Somewhere in England” is so good because the released cover was so terrible. Just a crappy album cover. “Somewhere in England” was such an odd album and the original is so much better than the released one. At that time, George was VERY stuck in “his sound”. That’s a good thing for George fans, but I can remember when it came out, that I was even getting a bit weary of his songs sounding SO similar to each other in their production and structure (Slide guitar everywhere, heavy keys, some dated synth, and George singing on the thinner side of his voice). His voice on “Cloud 9” had more balls to it and the arrangements were a bit more heavy which I liked. As I’m typing this, you guys mention similar thoughts. Jeff Lynne was great for George, BUT it was SO Jeff. “All Things Must Pass” was such a great sounding era for him. Heavy guitars (not all slide solos), some distortion there, etc. It got very “easy listening” by SIE and that was not a very accessible album to me.

      Loved the Denny Laine stuff that was recorded for RRS. Always thought it was good and Denny too. He was under utilized. His Wings tracks were always worthy. “1882” – wasn’t a fan. The live versions tell you where it was going and it just was sooo long and was definitely a plodding track. Henry McCullogh just always seemed so out of tune on pretty much every version I’ve heard of it. “Tragedy” was such a great outtake and there are a few different versions – all good. Great performance and the recording was great too. Paul’s “Cold Cuts” bootleg has a lot of great outtakes on it (Cage, Tragedy, Best Friend, etc.) Surprised to hear “My Love” not getting much love. I still think this is a classic Paul composition that rates up there with “Maybe I’m Amazed” (one of the few).

      Strange how many different mixes of these tracks are out there. The mixes of both “Tragedy” and “Momma’s Little Girl” are different than most mixes I’ve heard. I can see how tracks could leak out, but different mixes?? Geez, is Paul popping those out there? 😉

      Good show!


    6. Kent Roessler Says:

      Another great show guys!
      Thanks for all the effort you guys put in these shows!


    7. Tom Mc Says:

      Tidbit: “I Can Help” (Billy Swann) was a #1 hit on the Billboard charts, replacing Lennon’s “Whatever Gets You Through the Night.” ; )

      Thanks for the podcast.


    8. Bill Says:

      I knew “I Can Help” wasn’t Ringo only because the first time I heard it on radio it was introduced as being Billy Swan’s song (or is that Billy’s swansong? He never had another hit). I really was taken by the resemblance to Ringo’s “You’re Sixteen,” in tone and vocal approach if not content.

      Too bad Ringo’s album didn’t get released. I think it had a chance to be a bounceback if not comeback album for him. He doesn’t seem in bad voice, and the material suits him better than “Drowning In The Sea Of Love” did.


    9. Christopher Says:

      Was the version of “Act Naturally” recorded by Ringo and Buck Owens intended for the aborted project you mention? That was, in fact, released as a single and there is a video for it.


    10. Billy Shears Says:

      I would also add a record made in 1960, I’m talking about “Summertime” an acetate John, Paul and George played with Ringo in studio for the first time. Stu Sutcliffe was present in the studio but didn’t play. Also Allan Williams was there.
      Unfortunately, there are no surviving copies of that record.


    11. Harry Says:

      I think it’s time for a full show on RAM! It would be great to hear the story behind it and outtakes, Richard would love it!


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