71: Something About A Beatles Free4All

September 14, 2016

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In this uncommon convergence, Robert and Richard join forces with our friends from the Fab4Free4All podcast: Mitch Axelrod, Rob Leonard and Tony Traguardo. (Much Beatle geekery ensued). Traditions not included: “Rum” and “The Lash.”

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    13 Responses to “71: Something About A Beatles Free4All”

    1. Paul Q. Says:

      It’s like the Dirty Mac of podcasts! Here we go!


    2. WingsJer Says:

      Good combined show guys. You guys talked about how big Elton and Zepp was in the 70’s but don’t forget just how big Wings was as well. Yes Richard, here in the US around the “Wings over America” tour even with the huge success of the “Got To Get You Into My Life” single was 40 summers ago, there were classmates or mine in grade school (yes 2nd generation fan)that were bigger Wings fans than Beatles fans. My first Fest was 1990 and have gone every year since. I could not imagine how sad the 1981 Fests must have been. I remember after George how sad that first Fest was after that. So sad!


      • The Applesauce Project Says:

        I was at the ’81 Chicago ‘Fest. It was incredibly sad. But there was also an overwhelming feeling of love that weekend. Like we were all there just to mourn and celebrate both.

        I spent one of the days mostly in the video room where they were showing all the music videos and things like The Rutles and I Want To Hold Your Hand, that kind of thing, and throughout the afternoon one woman just kept declaring, “Nothing is Beatle-proof!” — you know, the line cartoon John says in Yellow Sub when they’re trying to break the globe surrounding Sgt. Pepper’s band — at every opportunity, and at the time you could tell people were starting to get annoyed with her, but we all just let her do her thing because, you know. Nothing IS Beatle-proof.

        Anyway, that particular ‘Fest was definitely distinct. Pervasive sense of love and loss.


        • Paul T Says:

          Hi, I was at that Fest too and I live in England – that was my first and last US Fest & don’t remember that woman – remember talking to Mark Lapido$ & a couple of other bits.


    3. WingsJer Says:

      Also, Robert I agree with you 90% of the time, but what is wrong with the “Love” album. Great Vegas show, great listening experience especially the 5.1 mix. I just played this album last week, enjoy it very much!


    4. Fred Thor Al Says:

      One of your best shows! Had me laughing out loud at times.


    5. Chris McGovern Says:

      Great episode!
      I want to come on the podcast and tell you my experiences too!


    6. Pablo Ramon Says:

      Fun episode! Well, I was unaware of the Fab4Free4All until this episode, so now…it looks like I have about 100 hours of catching up to do!


    7. David Rainey Says:

      Just listening…..a bit late , but Robs Hair story is sooo funny, laughing out loud !


    8. David Rainey Says:

      She Loves You for me too. I was 3 going on 4 at Christmas


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