63: The Beatles on the Telly

July 22, 2016

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In this special extended episode, Robert and Richard discuss the group’s career through the prism of their television appearances. Rather than music performances per se, the focus here is on the occasions where they were tapped for their comedic skills, or interview situations that offered viewers insights into how they saw themselves at the time, and how these appearances evolved, along with their artistry and group dynamic.

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    8 Responses to “63: The Beatles on the Telly”

    1. Paul T Says:

      Second! Top job as ever guys – plenty of priceless material to talk about for hours……and you did!


    2. Tom Tenoever Says:

      At the end of one of the featured interviews I heard Ringo use the phrase “Tomorrow Never Knows.” Is that where John got the title for the song he wrote later? (as he did for “A Hard Day’s Night”).


    3. Andy Oz Says:

      Wonderful show. Loved it.


    4. Tommy Conway Says:

      Crackin show as usual guys. Your encyclopaedic knowledge of all things Beatles is astonishing! 🙂


    5. Gerald W Says:

      What a brilliant show! Good work. The charm, wit, intelligence and all-round charisma of the Fabs really shines through on those early TV appearances.
      I listen to 4 Beatles themed podcasts on a regular basis and yours is top of the pops.
      All the best from NZ.


    6. Colin Ricketts Says:

      Excellent show, thank you.

      Very post Beatles, but one my all time favourite Fabs TV appearances is George’s “Pirate Show” appearance on Rutland Weekend TV.

      It’s on YouTube if you haven’t seen it. (And I bet you all have!)


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