60: You Say You Want An Evolution: The Beatles’ Left Turns and Re-thinks

July 1, 2016

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IMG_6342In this episode, Richard and Robert examine the songs that The Beatles drastically re-thought before releasing or abandoned altogether. Featuring insights from singer/songwriter/producer/guitarist Craig Bartock from Heart. 

Songs include “I Saw Her Standing There” and “Two of Us.”

Roy Orbison’s “Please Please Me” performed by Jared Lekites of The Lunar Laugh.

More on Craig Bartock.

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    8 Responses to “60: You Say You Want An Evolution: The Beatles’ Left Turns and Re-thinks”

    1. Dennis O'Neal Says:

      Nice show as usual. When you guys mention Paul s voice being flat on Hold Me Tight . I’ve never heard anyone mentioning how the vocals on YES IT IS is vocally a mess , beautiful song , with some flat vocals. I never understood how George Martin allowed that to slip pass him . Hopefully not too off topic. Thanks for your work. Dennis


      • The Applesauce Project Says:

        Thank you. Between that and the equalization on the volume pedal guitar, I find that song to be almost unlistenable. Never mind the fact that the lyrical content is much weaker than “This Boy” which Lennon admitted he was trying to rewrite. Easily one of my least favorite Beatle tracks.


    2. Lindsay Says:

      Left turns and rethinks?
      Take a bad song and make it better…
      Love the show.


    3. Billy Shears Says:

      You said that Tomorrow Never Knows has only 2 takes but in the Anthology documentary, when George Martin asks to bring the tapes, the sound engineer asks which one and Martin reply “all of them”. There must be more takes of that song.


    4. Billy Shears Says:

      By the way , great show !


    5. WingsJer Says:

      Another great “off the normal kind of topic” Beatles show. I have always loved “Hold Me Tight” and have always enjoyed it. However the Fabs did have a good filter for subpar songs like “That Means A Lot”, “If You’ve Got Trouble”, “What’s The New Mary Jane” etc. But possible gems like “Not Guilty” did get away from them. How about a show guys on the upcoming “Hollywood Bowl” and Ron Howard movie? Lots of highly charged opinions at the Chicago Fest last month and online from Beatledom.


    6. J Neo Marvin Says:

      Imagine if they had given “If You’ve Got Trouble” to the Rolling Stones. Jagger might have given that song the right amount of venom.


    7. Colin Ricketts Says:

      Regarding your Brexit chanters in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (I’m in Wales, and quite happy to share with England!), I wonder if you have ever done – I’m quite new here – or might want to do a mini-item on Beatles football chants.

      There is of course the famous footage of the Kop at Anfield singing She Loves You – complete with falsetto “oohs”!

      Hey Jude’s na na na naaaaaaa has been adopted and adapted by any number of clubs. Yellow Submarine, too, my favourite being from Liverpool fans singing, “We all live in a Robbie Fowler house”, when their favourite striker became famous for his secondary success in the property business.

      Mmmm. Maybe not. Just a thought.

      Another fantastic show, as ever. Thank you. I’m so glad I discovered this place!


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