53: The Beatle Films That Never Were

May 12, 2016

Podcast, Podcasting

SATB 53b

In this episode, Robert and Richard explore the cinematic opportunities that came their way for group projects that, for one reason or another, went unfulfilled. (These include might-have-beens with Stanley Kubrick and Disney Studios.)  Songs include “The Beatles’ Movie Medley.” 

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    10 Responses to “53: The Beatle Films That Never Were”

    1. The Applesauce Project Says:

      Two of the vultures in Jungle Book are voiced by Chad and Jeremy… so Disney got a British Invasion act after all. 🙂


    2. Laura L Enright Says:

      As always, fascinating.


    3. Chris Says:

      I’m loving this! It’s like a roundtable discussion of all things Beatle.


    4. Keith Moore Says:

      Yellow Teddy Bear. Pete Best on drums surely 😉 Just a thought about Lord Of The Rings. I can imagine George saying ‘oh no, not another bloody film about rings’


    5. BW Says:

      The “Shades of a Personality” movie sounds like it could’ve been a brilliant movie – especially since John kind of DID have shades of Paul/George/Ringo in his own personality. I wonder if the other guys didn’t like it because John was the focus or just because the script was unrealized. It’d be cool to see the script as far as it went.


    6. BW Says:

      I remember that Reel Music mashup from when I was a kid. I didn’t listen to it too much because I had the albums. Gads, what a crappy editing job they did that. Horrible.


    7. Pismotality Says:

      Long before the BBC radio play version there was a fringe theatre production of Up Against It at the Old Red Lion Theatre in Islington, London – mid to late 80s, I think. I saw it and enjoyed it, though it’s chiefly the sense of energy and momentum provided by the actors that I remember rather than any details of the script itself. Beatles music may have been used between scenes – I can’t remember – but it was definitely not a musical adaptation.

      I don’t particularly wish to bang a drum on behalf of Dave Clark though I do feel you were unduly dismissive of Wild Weekend (Catch Us If You Can in the UK), which had a screenplay by Peter Nichols. The parts about Clark and his girlfriend discovering the emptiness of various worlds – beatniks, aristos, advertising etc – are pretty good, I think. Though I admit the fact that the rest of the “Five” are never really individualised and are mostly haring around in a jeep in search of Clark does bring down the overall rating.


    8. Jim Mullahy Says:

      I just saw on IMDB that DJ Lord Tim Hudson voiced Dizzie the Vulture in the animated version of The Jungle Book. I’d remembered reading of his San Diego-Beatles connection. Sounds like he was a real BS artist back in ’65.


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