39: The Beatles and Jimi Hendrix

January 27, 2016

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SATB 39 Hendrix

In this episode, Robert and Richard review the connections between Jimi Hendrix – The Beatles – Paul – and Linda. Songs include “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Heart’s Club Band” and “Hey Joe.”  

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    7 Responses to “39: The Beatles and Jimi Hendrix”

    1. Clay Banes Says:

      Great art (as per usual)! For a second I thought it was yet another version of the “Hello Goodbye” video.


    2. Jim Dean Says:

      Another great episode. My two faves. Hendrix surprising them by playing Sgt. Pepper two days after it came out is one of the great rock stories. And so is McCartney getting Jimi into Monterey Pop. As usual, the repartee is fun and informative. It’s interesting and refreshing that you guys actually surprise each other on occasion. So… if McCartney was inspired by Hendrix for the Taxman solos, was Jimi inspired by Paul? Looking forward to your new show on the Get Back sessions. Apple should release a cleaned up version of Let It Be. And then release a movie called Get Back with all the fun bits.


    3. sjoerd Says:

      Hi guys, John Lennon ,once said, after Mick Jagger said some nasty things about The Beatles that they weren’t in the same class.Music wise and power wise.Can you commend on that.John said Mick got jealous.Are you going to make a show about The Beatles and The Stones.John also said that after every f…ing album they made, the Stones copied them.Do you think that’s true?


    4. The Applesauce Project Says:

      I learn something new with every podcast when here I thought I’d nearly exhausted my Beatle knowledge — the very notion of how history could have changed if Paul had gotten that telegram… not only could it have changed Paul’s solo career, it could very well have saved Jimi’s life. Peter Brown, you jerk!


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