35: A Collection of SATB Oldies

December 20, 2015

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SATB 35At holiday season, your hosts – Robert and Richard – present a stroll down memory lane, presenting some favorite clips from the over 30 episodes of Something About The Beatles they’ve presented. Heard here: rare tracks – isolations – live cuts – guest interviews – bells.

Christmas is coming and the Something About The Beatles 2016 calendar is here

ATTENTION CHICAGO AREA SATB LISTENERS: With your support, we may be able to make possible something we can all be thankful for: Something About The Beatles on terrestrial radio (and regularly scheduled besides…).

MeTV FM is a fabulous new radio station, playing loads of forgotten hits from back in the day. They’re also very Beatle-centric – that makes them the perfect radio home for Something About The Beatles. We have been advertising on them, but what would be fantastic is if we could get all of you to show your interest in such a venture.

Do you want to hear Something About The Beatles weekly, on the radio? Then shoot them an email – let them know that you love the show, and that you appreciate the sponsorship of Rode Brothers Fine Wood Flooring.

That’s the kind of support that makes things happen – can we count on you?

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    7 Responses to “35: A Collection of SATB Oldies”

    1. sjoerd Says:

      I love your shows.One of the reasons is,that you also play music in the show.
      And your sense of humor.A have a question.I never really understood what Paul ment when he said before making Sgt.Pepper:”Let’s pretent we’re not The Beates.
      That gives us more freedom to make other kinds of music.But they were the f….ing Beatles.Can you follow me? I never really understood that.Are still gonna make a show about Paul and John? I hope so

      Greetings from Sjoerd Ruiter from Amsterdam


      • Us Says:

        Hi Sjoerd,

        Thanks much for the support! Regarding Paul’s comment, I think he was rather inartfully expressing, with his Gemini nature, two apparently conflicting ideas at the same time. On the one hand, they felt restricted by the Beatle paradigm; expectations imposed on them by the public as to what was and wasn’t “Beatle music.” Remember, they’d really struggled with releasing”Yesterday,” feeling it was too far afield from their sound. So while it didn’t get issued at the time as a single in the UK, it did in the US (where they had far less control) – and went to #1.

        On the other, I think that he was expressing the utter belief in what they could do – “We’re the f…ing Beatles!!” This confidence, bordering on hubris, was what made them able to tackle any challenge to that point, assured after so many successes that they would not fail, not matter how experimental. (And they still had the best quality control in the world in the form of George Martin.)

        So I think I am grasping what he meant: they needed NOT to be making more “Beatle music,” so as not to repeat past triumphs and especially in the face of how so much around them was changing so rapidly; but at the same time, as “Beatles,” they would surely come up with the goods. As John expressed it another way, “WE believed we were the f…ing greatest band on earth. And believing it was what MADE it so.”


    2. Paul T Says:

      A very welcome nostalgic trip down the wonderful archive of great material you have brought us – the Come Together drums by Robert are probably my highlight of the whole series – genius. Outstanding level of quality maintained throughout each cast. Thx for bringing so much pleasure & knowledge for so long. I am proud to know you guys.


    3. BW Says:

      I think I’m the only one that prefers the Beatles 65 mixes of She’s a Woman and I Feel Fine. Love those mixes. They just sound huge. The British She’s a Woman seems kind of boring in comparison to me. Both great songs.


    4. BW Says:

      Man, that Pete Best/Come Together thing… kills me every time.


    5. Paul Says:

      Yeah, John wasn’t a hypocrite? “If you want to be a hero we’ll just follow me.”


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