29: Desert Island Beatle Discs

November 3, 2015


SATB 29 rev

In this special expanded edition, Robert and Richard discuss their choices of eight Beatle tunes, plus 1 book and one film/documentary, all Beatle related, in the spirit of the long-running BBC radio series. 

Songs include: “Boys,””Tomorrow Never Knows” and “Beyond the Valley of a Day in the Life.”

The Something About The Beatles 2016 calendar is here!

(Check out the video here)




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    16 Responses to “29: Desert Island Beatle Discs”

    1. Jim Dean Says:

      Wow. Three great shows in a row. I’m a first generation fan, so I’ve heard, seen and read a lot. But you guys always have fresh perspectives and often new information. Smart and very funny. Thanks!


    2. Paul T Says:

      When I read BOYS in the above preview I wanted whoever chose it to be publicly flogged…after hearing the show and as I respect everything Robert says and does, I get your choice and spare your miserable life lol.

      Twist & Shout, Not A Second Time, A Hard Days Night, If I Fell, Help!, In My Life, Tomorrow Never Knows, Hey Bulldog (100% Lennon! – for no good reason)


    3. Rick Says:

      My eight discs would be: Rain, Nowhere Man, Ticket To Ride, For No One, Getting Better, Cry Baby Cry, It’s All Too Much, and Let It Be.



      • Rick Says:

        Oh, wait . . . . I somehow overlooked what was a transformative musical experience for me when I first heard it and for ever after: Hey Jude. Sorry Cry, Baby, Cry you are, thus, consigned to the “bubbling under” bench (where sits a whole slew of fantastic tunes).



    4. Jordan Heal Says:

      When English Author Nick Hornby was on Desert Island Discs with Sue Lawley hosting, he chose an ipod as his luxury item!


    5. Jordan Heal Says:

      My eight disc choices would be: I Saw Her Standing There, With A Little Help From My Friends, Being For The Benefit Of Mister Kite, A Day In The Life, Back In The USSR, Dear Prudence, I’m So Tired, Come Together.
      My Book choice: ‘Recording The Beatles’ by Brian Kehew and Kevin Ryan
      My Film documentary choice: The South Bank Show:’The Making of Sgt Pepper’Directed by Alan Benson.


    6. Ken Says:

      My eight tunes would be these:
      I Wanna Hold Your Hand
      Can’t Buy Me Love
      Dear Prudence
      I Am The Walrus
      Day In The Life
      Paperback Writer
      Here Comes The Sun
      You Never Give Me Your Money


    7. Jordan Heal Says:

      ‘A Day In The Life’ would be the one disc I would favour over the others


    8. RJ Says:

      Looking forward to listening to this one. If you’re talking ALBUMS though, without a doubt if I could only pick 2, it would be the red and the blue. The ultimate greatest hits albums from anyone.


    9. RJ Says:

      Paperback Writer, Day Tripper, I Feel Fine, Rain (all four in mono), Hey Jude, Sgt. Pepper reprise/A Day In The Life, Nowhere Man, Get Back(single).


    10. Jordan Heal Says:

      Of course, if I found that I was not due to visit the desert island until 2035, then my book choice would be the 3 volume extended special editions, plus updates and revisions of Mark’s ‘All These Years’


    11. RJ Says:

      Excellent episode, and I do love Old Brown Shoe too. From the blue album, that’s where I first heard it. I’ve always been partial to the Hollywood Bowl “Boys”, that really does rock. Interesting choices.


    12. DeJunko Says:

      I have to admit, you guys have gotten me to revisit “Long Long Long” and “Revolution 9”: two tracks I’d previously dismissed completely. I’m still warming up to the latter but listened to the former with headphones and was blown away with new-found appreciation. Thanks!


    13. Jim Says:

      My 8 choices: Strawberry Fields Forever, Within You Without You, While My Guitar Gently Weeps, I Want You (She’s So Heavy), Helter Skelter, You Can’t Do That, Don’t Let Me Down, Yer Blues. If I had to choose only one, it’d be Strawberry Fields—in my opinion the greatest record EVER made—by anyone. Book would be the Anthology (I own it in nine different languages!).


    14. Maia Says:

      I Feel Fine, Strawberry Fields Forever, Two of Us, Here Comes the Sun, Happiness is a Warm Gun, If I Needed Someone, Tomorrow Never Knows, Long, Long, Long


    15. Dom Says:

      Just catching up with all the old podcasts and this is another great episode. I cannot believe, though, that Robert chose Revolution 9 (and bizarrely left out his ‘favourite’ Strawberry Fields). Revolution 9 is the biggest load of crap The Beatles ever recorded! Just a pile of dirge. If that is what you call ‘arty’ then you can keep it…


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