22: Questions From Listeners #1

July 11, 2015

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In this episode, Richard and Robert take questions and offer answers on an array of topics. We won’t get too specific here, but you’ll here about Mal Evans, piano prowess, the identity of the walrus and an awful lot of speculation.

Songs include: “Love,” “In My Life,” ”Lovely Rita” and “Only A Northern Song.”


 Richard’s newest book, Beatles 101, is available in print and Kindle here.

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Robert’s newest book, Solo in the 70s, is available in print and Kindle here.
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    6 Responses to “22: Questions From Listeners #1”

    1. Laura Enright Says:

      This is really interesting. Nice job.


    2. Paul T Says:

      Fascinating & very listenable as ever my friends – thx a lot for including my lil ole q. I eat up these casts – you should knock one out every day – I certainly do haha. ps “Good Old Robert!”


    3. Cindy Says:

      I really enjoyed this show. Actually I love them all and listen to each 2 or 3 times. I can’t help myself, I have to add my two cents to two topics. The first is that I was surprised that when discussing the Walrrus was Paul etc., no one brought up what John said after hearing that the students at his old school in Liverpool were studying the bands lyrics, that now he would give them something to talk about. So that is where that kind of stuff began.

      Secondly, re Allan Klein. He very cannily asked Yoko what she wanted. And voila Yoko had her art show in Syracuse NY entitled “This is Not Here” and that’s why Yoko lent her support to Klein.


      • Us Says:

        Very good points, Cindy! That’s one of the things about the show – we always think of things we could or should have said, after

        That’s why we write books. It’s much easier to be thorough and say everything we need to say by the time we’re finished (though I do tend to second guess those too…)


    4. Jordan Heal Says:

      Mark’s ‘Beatles style’
      creation of ‘Love’ was a revelation, and got me thinking that maybe one day there could be a whole album made using newly arranged solo tracks from the period.


    5. rickylee369 Says:

      Magical Mystery Tour was a complete disaster…

      Just out of interest, how much money did they lose on it?

      Or did they make a bundle?

      Fool on the Hill, Walrus, the title track, the Bonzos…

      It is hardly coherent, but I think they got more out of it than they put in, and in business terms would be considered a success, and has its creative moments also, even if a bit of a psychedelic comedown.

      As an extended pop promo it is a decent document, as a film it is lacking. The film that was the biggest mistake was surely ‘Let it Be’, which led to the break-up in many ways, but also hasn’t been capitalised on at all by the band.

      Apple was a disaster at the time? Debatable also. Yes they were naive and lost loads of cash, but it meant they had control over their own music, and from what I can tell just choosing the name got them a hefty payout from the trademark dispute with Jobs and co. I hear that the record label is also doing OK.


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