21: Second Guessing The Beatles #1

June 28, 2015

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In this episode, Robert and Richard  discuss their picks for what songs should’ve been issued on the Beatles’ first four UK albums, in place of some of the material that was. (Not a lot of overlap in agreement here…)

Songs include: “Some Other Guy,” “Soldier of Love,” ”Little Child” and “Ain’t Nothing Shakin’.

Robert’s newest book, Solo in the 70s, is available in print and Kindle here.
SITS site Richard’s newest book, Beatles 101, is available in print and Kindle here.

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    11 Responses to “21: Second Guessing The Beatles #1”

    1. Paul Tidey Says:

      Another hour of top entertainment boys – fascinating subject material & the banter is such that I now think of you as the Starsky & Hutch of the Podcast world – I started making notes but there were too many songs to talk about so I will just say the remarks that made me shout out “NOOOOOOO” loudest were Rich adding Thank You Girl to PPM & Matchbox to BFS – both songs suck more than hoovers Rich – stop taking what you’re on mate!

      This is the worst part………the bit just after the last cast has ended and the too long wait for the next one…….well done boys.. 10/10.


    2. We Says:

      [ahem] That, of course, was Robert being facetious, Paul.

      The Starsky & Hutch of the podcast world, eh? I guess that’s better than the Abbott & Costello!

      As for some of my album additions “sucking more than Hoovers” – surely, SURELY nothing compared to the omission of ‘Misery’ and ‘When I Get Home’ from any sort of release whatsoever. (And I’ll stick with that opinion until the cows come home!)


      • Paul T Says:

        You could always be Laurel & Hardy (who I also love to bits) but I thought S&H were cooler! Misery has to stay and also WIGH – The 2nd biggest musical mistake of their career was to leave off Kitten & put Moonlight on, only usurped by the appalling omission of the perfect trumpet ending to Penny Lane.

        I am really surprised (& I would be disappointed if it was me) that I am the only feedback you have had to your excellent cast.


    3. Jordan Heal Says:

      Listening to this, I thought it was sacrilege on RB’s part to go against the Beatles’ own policy of leaving the singles off the albums. But thinking again, the Beatles DID leave singles on Please Please Me, both the ‘film’ albums,(AHDN and Help!) and Revolver, and Abbey Road, and (although different versions) Let It Be – so I may go along with that for the sake of a stronger album.


      • Michael Brooks Says:

        It wasn’t a Beatles policy. More of a UK record industry policy during the ’60’s of leaving the singles off the albums. It was an added value kind of thing. If you bought the singles (and you did) then you shouldn’t have to buy the same songs on the albums.

        The same strategy didn’t apply in the US. Are you kidding? Charge you twice for the same thing? Sign me up! ‘Tis the American way.


    4. george ziegele Says:

      For the Please Please Me Album, I would replace Ask Me Why, Taste of Honey, Chains, and PS I Love You with Some Other Guy, I’m Gonna Sit Right Down And Cry, To Know Her Is To Love Her, and Don’t Ever Change.


    5. george ziegele Says:

      Who am I kidding? I can’t replace PS I love You So much great music and so little space on a single album. I’ll probably change my mind on a daily basis.


    6. Jeff Says:

      These podcasts are so addictive. Loving the arguments!! 🙂


    7. BW Says:

      No love for Clarabella? What the hell? Great tune.


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