20: 1968 – Triumph of Chaos?

June 17, 2015

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In this episode, Richard and Robert examine the tumultuous backdrop against which The Beatles created the “White Album” amidst a world of change.

Songs include: “Maharishi,” Child of Nature,” ”Sour Milk Sea” and “Long, Long, Long 

Robert’s latest book is Solo in the 70s
Richard’s latest book is Beatles 101

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    7 Responses to “20: 1968 – Triumph of Chaos?”

    1. Paul Tidey Says:

      Never sacrificing quality for quantity, another great show….it’s taken me 57 years but I finally made it – name checked on the web by the fine Robert Rodriguez! And that wasn’t even my fave part of the show – there were many lol moments but my my fave was Yoko making FLY to wind up Mo – TOP gag Rich!


    2. Gil Says:

      That IS in fact a mandolin in “Child of Nature”!


    3. Jordan Heal Says:

      Brilliant discussion which I enjoyed very much. I must say though that IMO the ‘Jet landing’ effect was a brilliant way to open the White Album, with ‘Back in the USSR’ a fitting song to attach that to. What I’ve never seen written though, is that if you listen carefully to the ‘jet landing’at the start of the track you will detect that there is a ‘nod’ to Sgt Pepper style production – as the plane’s wheel skids on the tarmac it is edited to a bent guitar note. That’s very reminiscent of the ‘Chicken cluck/Guitar edit linking Good Morning, Good Morning with the Sgt Pepper reprise.


    4. bob brown Says:

      The funny thing about bands is that often the reason you started it in the first place (playing , gigging etc)is forgotten and real life overtakes! The Beatles achieved megastardom as they were growing up and all in the public eye! Their music reflects this which adds an extra dimension to it all! The pleasing thing for me was charting how Georges songwriting blossomed over the years especially on the white album and then equalling anything John and Paul had written by Abbey Road with Something and Here Comes The Sun…………………


    5. Tom Says:

      I am loving this podcast. Amazing insights and audio clips. Thank you.


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