18: 1965

May 19, 2015

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In this episode, Richard and Robert present an overview of the year and how The Beatles advanced their art. In addition to some rare music, the episode features a two guest authors: Al Sussman and Andrew Grant Jackson. Al is the author of Changin’ Times: 101 Days That Shaped A Generation and the upcoming British Invasion 101: The Need-To-Know Guide. Andrew is the author of Still The Greatest: The Essential Songs of the Beatles’ Solo Careers and the recently published 1965: The Most Revolutionary Year in Music.

Songs include: “You Like Me Too Much,”  “That Means A Lot,” “Nowhere Man” and “We Can Work It Out.”

Al Sussman

                       Check out Al on the Things We Said Today podcast

Jackson                                    Check out Andrew’s 1965 website here

Department of Corrections: Robert “Freeman,” not Robert “Whitaker”

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    7 Responses to “18: 1965”

    1. Paul Tidey Says:

      Top job as usual boys. I agree with Rich (naturellement) that You Wont See Me is an underrated overlooked gem of a song. Looking fwd to the promised No.3 of the triumvirate of promised casts.


    2. Randy Boring Says:

      I have to tell you, I just found out about this website last week. Your podcasts are THE best ones I have heard about The Beatles. They are intelligent, witty and entertaining. It has the perfect amount of granularity I want out of Beatles analysis!


    3. David Says:

      Music of Lennon and McCartney made by Granada and recorded at Granada Studios in Manchester for the ITV Network in the UK. Recorded right in the middle of the Rubber Soul sessions.


    4. MikeD Says:

      You may (or may not) be interested to know that Ozzie Nelson mentions “The Freddy” and briefly does the dance in one of the last episodes of ‘the Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet’; episode name ‘Ozzie A Go Go’.


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