125: Roy Orbison, Tom Petty and the Traveling Wilburys 

November 2, 2017

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The unexpected loss of The Heartbreakers’ leader (and “Charlie T./Muddy Wilbury”) presents an opportunity to look back on the career of the accidental supergroup: the Traveling Wilburys, whose debut album issued almost thirty years ago represented an unimaginable musical collaboration among some of rocks’s giants. Presenting their back story is rock journalist Jeff Slate (http://jeffslatehq.com/index/), whose newly-published Roy Orbison: The Authorized  Biography traces the career of a singular artist who, truth be known, served as an unwitting catalyst in the group’s formation. His ties to The Beatles as an artist and a friend are likewise traced.

Check out http://royorbison.com/ for more on the book.

“Please Please Me” by “Roy Orbison”
recorded by Jared Lekites: jaredlekites.bandcamp.comJared’s band, The Lunar Laugh: thelunarlaugh.bandcamp.com

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    7 Responses to “125: Roy Orbison, Tom Petty and the Traveling Wilburys ”

    1. J Neo Marvin Says:

      A wonderful blog that I follow, “Albums That Never Were” (you can find a fascinating series of alternate-universe 70s Beatles albums in their archives!) just compiled the “missing” Traveling Wilburys album here:



    2. DavyR Says:

      Great show! One of the best! Thank you!


    3. Tony DiMeo Says:

      Another fantastic show Robert. 🙂 I remember buying “The Essential Roy Orbison” box set the summer before I went to college. That music has been with me through bad times & good times. The Traveling Wilburys box set I got from my mkm for Christmas when I was in high school it is one of my favorite pieces of music to listen to. Especially “Handle with Care” which Tom Petty covered when I saw him in 2010. Oct. 2 was a sad day but we have 18 Tom Petty albums + The Wilburys albums to remember Tom Petty by. That is an excellent legacy.


    4. Cajun Queen Says:

      Awesome show; just great.


    5. BASSMAN Says:

      Totally fantastic…one of the best. What a shame though that almost no time in the hour was devoted to the most interesting Wilbury-Dylan. Very little spoken of his input and I thought Robert should have used his journalistic skills to draw some info as Dylan is a mysterious person that not much is known about. As one of the greatest songwriters that has ever existed amazing that he was ‘left out’. That said it was such a great show.


      • Us Says:

        I’m saving Dylan as his own separate show. Lots to talk about, and it didn’t make sense to delve into him in a show featuring an interview with an Orbison biographer.

        Dylan will get his own show in 2018…wait for it!


    6. peace Says:

      Did the interviewer at the very beginning call George “John?” LOL….Interviewers will get their names mixed up forevermore.


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