122: Simpsons Stories

September 28, 2017

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In 1989, Paul McCartney hit the road again for the first time in a decade. That same year, the longest running sitcom in US TV history debuted, and like Sir Paul, The Simpsons is still in action today. In addition to the high-calibre talent involved from day one, the show has made frequent references to The Beatles, culminating with three episodes featuring guest appearances by the three ex-Beatles.
In this special expanded edition, we hear from writer/producer Jeff Martin, who wrote “Homer’s Barbershop Quartet” (which featured George); and writer/director/show runner David Mirkin, who went to Sussex to record the McCartneys (for “Lisa the Vegetarian”) and experienced something every Beatle fan can only imagine…

This is a NEW PHASE SATB episode….

Making his final appearance is our original co-host. Making a cameo in this episode is upcoming guest, Arion Salazar – original bassist with Third Eye Blind and on tour this year with XEB.

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    18 Responses to “122: Simpsons Stories”

    1. The Applesauce Project Says:

      Fascinating interviews! I can’t help but feel envy for David Mirkin being perhaps the very first non-inner circle Beatlemaniac getting to hear FAAB during the early mixes.

      I’m surprised no mention was made of Dan Castellaneta’s Beatle pastiche album “Two Lips”, since the show’s used tracks from it a couple of times (notably “There Is Love” during a Beatle-themed couch gag sequence a couple of years ago). Saving that for an all-pastiche episode? 😀


    2. David M Says:

      Actually Paul hit the road in Sept in Europe.


    3. Andrew Q Says:

      > Arion Salazar


      Please pass on to him that the soundtrack he (and other guys, “Bullmark”) did for Interstate ’76 is awesome!

      Unfortunately, the game didn’t have the complete music, and neither did the officially released soundtrack album (which had music obscured by dialogue and special effects).

      Can he dump the full recordings of it somewhere? Would be great!


    4. Andrew P Says:

      So Richard’s quietly moving on?
      I can’t see any announcement but it seems pretty clear in the episode notes.

      I’ll miss the chemistry between you guys! I’ve listened to nearly all your podcasts and loved most of them.
      But I guess 121 episodes is enough for you two to be together. :-p

      Any more news on that?
      Thanks for the shows.


    5. LuckeyStiff Says:

      wonderfully informative episode. one of the best guest interviews of the series. bravo.


    6. David M Says:

      Interesting but a little too much gushing for me. And YOU HAVEN’T SEEN LOVE ??!! Book a ticket to Vegas immediately.


    7. Martin Says:

      Very sad to see Richard go. It was good to have a balanced American and British view point.


      • Us Says:

        He’s not the only Brit who knows the Beatles. You will be hearing from others, including some who actually like Paul McCartney.


    8. WingsFan2012 Says:

      Catching up on episodes….who cares it was a long episode….very informative and fun. Not a big Simpsons fan but well done Robert. RIP Tom Petty and the Vegas shooting victims. I was out in Vegas and flew out after the shooting. Land and find out Tom Petty had died. How sad and surreal!


    9. Daniel Says:

      Just listened to the Simpson episode.
      Please, is Richard out of the show for good?


    10. Errol Says:

      Just hope you two are still friends. Have listened to every episode and have been converted from someone who had a mild interest in the Beatles to a believer in their genius. First heard ‘She Loves You’ in a car on the way to the beach when I was 11y/o. Favourite ep. I think was “Rubbish Girl”. She was a doll all right. Love both of you.


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