121: New York Stories

September 17, 2017

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Our guest’s 13 year-old face has left an indelible impression upon the memory of every Beatles fan who has ever watched their debut appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show. Deb Supnik (nee Gendler), dubbed “the first fan” by director Andrew Solt,  is much more than just an attendee of The Beatles’ first live TV performance in America: her life changed forever that evening. Over the next several years, she worked tirelessly on behalf of the group (and their US fans) while maintaining relationships with members of the group’s organization (and even the odd Beatle parent or two).

Deb has shared her amazing stories in documentaries before, but here she gets to present them full-length and in exquisite detail.

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    15 Responses to “121: New York Stories”

    1. Keith Moore Says:

      Really appreciate you getting this interview. I hadnt heard of her before. Amazing how a life can turn out from writing one letter.
      On a totally irrelevant point Richard it amuses me when you always say ‘Please Please ME.
      Love your shows guys and the people you seek out.
      Cheers. Keith


    2. Christopher Cruz Says:



    3. mark fischer Says:

      I have dumb ? how about the people who saw lennon when he was in the quarrymen the day lennon met McCartney


    4. rich kotwica Says:

      Great show. RIP guys!


    5. John K. Walker Says:

      In concert, Bowie himself used to merge Chris Montez’s original “Let’s Dance” with his own same titled #1 from 1983.


    6. Tony aka Pismotality Says:

      Loved those details which make the tale all too human: her mother patiently waiting in the cold; turning down another chance to see the Beatles again on Ed Sullivan because of Shea; the desperate need to acquire relics – with that farcical result …


    7. Syd Vliet Says:

      Deb mentions her meeting with a “disheveled” Brian Epstein co-incided with her seeing the film “How To Murder Your Wife”. That movie was released late September 1965 so this would be after the US tour, but Brian apparently flew back to the the USA on 13th October 1965 to view a rough cut of the film of the Beatles’ concert at Shea Stadium, the raw soundtrack of which probably adding to whatever worries he had at the time.


    8. Erick Says:

      Really enjoyed this episode! I think for me it’s been my favorite! Good to know you guys went out with a strong quality episode. Now I hope there wont be another episode in the can like Let It Be to spoil such a fine ending.


    9. Lucius Malou Says:

      Wow, her and her mom taking Tom Jones out for cheesecake–that’s a great story! A family outing with Tom like that would have been awesome. Didn’t know he had a weakness for cheesecake. At least not that kind.


    10. Joy Harkin Says:

      Best episode yet. Rubbish Girl is a great storyteller! I can’t wait for her book.


    11. Owen O'Donnell Says:

      A great episode, but I’m concerned about some of the comments here. Rich Kotwica says, “RIP guys” and Erick says, “Good to know you guys went out with a strong quality episode.” Was there something I missed? Or are people trying to create their own “SATB is dead” hoax? Do we have to start scouring back episodes of the pod for clues?

      I just discovered the pod recently and have gone through about half the episodes. Great stuff. But why is episode 84 missing? I think it was on the Christmas messages. The first time I went through the list, it was there but it hasn’t been available for awhile. What goes on?


      • Us Says:

        Hi Owen,

        The show is alive, kicking and stronger than ever. A co-host departed but the same intelligent and entertaining discussion you’ve recently discovered lives on. There’s a lotta work ahead: more interviews, analysis and explorations. So long as it remains with the power of the show’s creator (RR), long may it run.

        RE 84, as well as the earlier Holiday show: they are mothballed most of the year and get re-posted at year’s end. Just as radio stations don’t play holiday music in August, best to keep the seasonal for the proper season.




        • Owen O'Donnell Says:

          Thanks for the info! Glad to hear it’s still going strong. It’s been a lifesaver while stuck in traffic on the way back and forth to work.

          I hear you about 84. I grew up in one of those homes where Christmas wasn’t Christmas without something Beatles-related under the tree. That continues to this day with my kids.


    12. Robert Says:

      Excellent show once again. This was an excellent interview. It makes you feel like what it would have been like to be in the middle of that Beatlemania hurricane of emotions. It isn’t removed with facts and figures as per a normal Beatles book. Well done guys. A bit more McCartney love is needed from you guys, but in general love the shows.


    13. Erin S. Says:

      What a fab episode! And wow, what an opportunity. I love these first-person interview with people who had up-close-and-personal relationships and interactions with them. I know they’re humans, just like us, but they’ve got such an incredible story and aura about them. I love hearing how they were off stage (for better or worse).


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