113: Liverpool Stories

July 16, 2017

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Our guests in this episode – Jim Mawer and “Rita” – are not likely anyone you’ve ever heard of before. They’ve haven’t written books or appeared as guest speakers at any Beatle fan gatherings. But they did grow up in Liverpool; being a few years younger than the Beatles, they were uniquely situated in the right place at the right time to witness history up close.

In this episode, Jim (from Huyton) and Rita (West Derby) share their memories with Robert and Richard, representing two sides of the community that made up the group’s earliest fans and supporters.

Songs include “That Was Me” and “Liverpool 8.” 
Find Richard’s books here
Find Robert’s books here.
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    12 Responses to “113: Liverpool Stories”

    1. Peter Says:

      Wow, what a wonderful episode with such evocative recollections. I enjoyed every minute with Jim’s scenester memories (e.g. playing George’s Gretsch) and Rita view as a younger sibling of someone in the scene and then her candid description of how her own interests developed. Context deepens. Great show!


    2. Colin Ricketts Says:

      What a wonderful show, thank you.

      Both your guests were charming and fascinating – good story tellers in Liverpool too it would appear! And what two different pictures they painted of the city.

      Great stuff. I hope Mark Lewisohn talked or will talk to these people.


    3. Mathew Hunt Says:

      Great show. Created such great images of what Liverpool was like in all senses.


    4. Paul McNulty Says:

      Lovely episode. Brilliant guests. Thanks!


    5. BW Says:

      Cool episode, thanks!


    6. Tom McD Says:

      This episode stands out. Thanks for letting these guests talk at length with minimal interruption and next to no podcast-y “probing” interview questions or heavy editing. This is excellent oral history that captures a truly interesting time and place that is not well understood even by die-hard fans.


    7. J Neo Marvin Says:

      Good God. THAT’S how Rory Storm’s voice sounded? Even Sid Vicious sang “Something Else” better.


    8. Lewis Says:

      Those live clips of the Beatles playing sounded so present and intimate. They don’t sound like hamburg, but they also don’t sound like their concert days. Does anyone know when they were recorded?


    9. Big Fan Says:

      What was a blue jumper?


      • Us Says:

        A sweater in US parlance. Apparently, he wasn’t rocking it and each time it was washed – weeks in between – it fit him even less well.


    10. Louis Pacifico Says:

      Great to know where the BEATLES came from.


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