111: It Was 60 Years Ago Today

June 30, 2017

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SATB 111
July 6, 1957 is the day that should be commemorated in Beatledom for all that sprang from it: not only in terms of the Beatles’ career, but in 1960s popular culture as well. In this special (nearly) 60-minute show, Robert and Richard discuss not the events of that day per se, but really, what it meant when the first of a series of minor miracles occurred: Paul was introduced to John.Songs include “Be Bop A Lula” and “20 Flight Rock.”
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    7 Responses to “111: It Was 60 Years Ago Today”

    1. WingsFan2012 Says:

      Great new show guys. 60 years ago..wow! It just makes you think how long John has now been gone. Keep going Macca is all I have to say! A miracle of the 20th century for the greatest music pairing of them all!


    2. James Says:

      Wonderful. This episode makes me think how nice it would be to have an option on your site to see episodes arranged in chronological order by subject matter.

      You put much emphasis in the episode on Paul being a driving and organizing force. This is undeniable from 66/67 onward, but is it really the case up through 65? It’s an honest question. I certainly don’t get the feeling that Paul was in the driver’s seat during With the Beatles or A Hard Day’s Night, and I’d extend that through to Rubber Soul. Revolver is a draw–which a is a good part of why it’s so special.

      I get the sense that John abdicated some time between Revolver and Pepper. This seems to be when the balance really shifted. In any case, the timing of–and the factors at play in–the shift would be a a great topic for you guys to tackle.


    3. Cajun Queen Says:

      hey there. Off-topic, but am wondering if anyone has seen that new doc on the early Apple years, I haven’t heard much about it myself, but of course it seems to immediately remind of Richard Dilello’s hilarious account.



      • Cajun Queen Says:

        Was thinking that this topic — the craziness @ the Apple office — would make for a good SATB episode.


    4. BW Says:

      Another great show! Where did the version of John singing Be Bop A Lula come from?


    5. Marshall Says:

      Next time I recommend this podcast, I’ll tell the person to start with this episode. The enthusiasm you two had bubbled over. Miracles do come true. Big Bang, indeed. Kept thinking about this one days after I first heard it.


    6. Louis Says:

      Great show. Really Big Show🎸


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