108: The Beatles and Ed Sullivan 

June 10, 2017

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In this special episode, Richard and Robert take listeners back to 1964 and the life-changing live TV debut of The Beatles in America before 73 million viewers.

Sharing their impressions of the Sullivan experience are director/writer/filmmaker Andrew Solt (Heroes of Rock N Roll,This Is Elvis!, Imagine: John Lennon), whose Sofa Entertainment owns the Sullivan archive of shows, as well as CBS executive Vince Calandra, who occupied a unique perspective: directly working with the group.Songs include “She Loves You” and “Long Tall Sally.”

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    9 Responses to “108: The Beatles and Ed Sullivan ”

    1. Cajun Queen Says:

      Great show as always. (haha, I always wondered about that story re: the cleaning lady and the faders.) I was a little too young, but my partner was 9 yrs old in 64 and recall seeing them on Ed: “CRAZY exciting”.


    2. Cajun Queen Says:

      I notice in my copy of “The Beatles Are Coming” (pg 145), Spizer doesn’t refer to this incident that Calandra mentions re: Band going into the control booth after the Saturday rehearsal.
      So, is this something new that we hadn’t know about before? (Or, was already known??)


      • Cajun Queen Says:

        Oh I see. Spizer mentions it on Pg 153, as part of the Sunday rehearsal, not Saturday. (Probaly Calandra mentioned Sunday in the interview and I mis-heard.)


    3. Tony aka Pismotality Says:

      Congratulations – very enjoyable, especially the testimony at the end. That detail of Ringo assuming things could never get better was especially poignant. This kind of eyewitness account truly is invaluable. And to be told “I would like for you to get lost” was “right on the money” was a pleasing detail indeed.


    4. BW Says:

      I thought this would be a dull episode for some reason. Nope, great one. Thanks guys!


    5. Cajun Queen Says:

      I didn’t realize George Martin also went with them to America. Was he just in NY, or did he go down to Miami as well?


    6. Dexter Says:

      My brother turned me on to the Something About the Beatles podcast a few months ago. Its phenomenal.

      This episode is the best one I’ve heard!

      Keep up the great work.


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