102: Compiling The Beatles

April 29, 2017

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Throughout the years, The Beatles’ music was repackaged in ways beyond counting, notwithstanding their aversion to anyone tampering with their presentation. In this episode, Richard and Robert examine the myriad ways their work was re-imagined and compiled: from A Collection of Oldies to Rarities to 1, from Alpha-Omega to Reel Music. Songs include “Bad Boy,”  “Things We Said Today” and “Girl.”
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    8 Responses to “102: Compiling The Beatles”

    1. John K. Walker Says:

      As with the German (red-violet cover) MMT (for “Penny Lane” in true stereo), these two Australian (antipodean) compilations were must-buys for being the best (only?) way (as recommended by Schaffner’s BEATLES FOREVER) to get clean, true stereo versions of “She’s A Woman” and “I Feel Fine.”



      And here’s a weird one: http://beatlesaustralia.com/19_10THANNIV_index.html


    2. Craig Davison Says:

      RE: The Beatles 1.

      Was “Love Me Do” ever a legit #1?


    3. Kevin Says:

      Any Beatles compilation that isn’t sequenced in at least a roughly chronological order sounds awful. Of course each song is great in it’s own right, but the arc of the band’s career tells an amazing story and adds another dimension to the music. You could say the same thing about other groups, but in the Beatles case it is just unbelievable. Hearing PS I Love You next to a White album track is just comical. The Red and Blue albums work as well as they do for the simple reason that they are chronological. Having said that, I do love my Beatles in Italy LP. I bought it at a record fair when I was a teenager and really thought I had a rare gem on my hands. Fun show- thanks!!


    4. WingsJer Says:

      Another great show guys with some long forgotten albums that never made it to legit CD. You could even do a solo compilation show ranging from Shaved Fish, Lennon Legend, Best Of Dark Horse, Let It Roll, Blast From Your Past, Photograph: The Best of Ringo, All The Best, Pure McCartney just to name a few. Would be a fun show as well!


    5. Louis Pacifico Says:

      Got my first BEATLES lp December 25 1971 at the age of 6. It was Meet the BEATLES T 2047. Got the Red & Blue April 73. But my ears had already experienced ST2553 & ST2576 in 1968 at the young age of 3. I was already exposed to album cuts. I kinda had a zigzag approach to discovering the BEATLES. When Rock ‘n’ Roll Music came out in 1976 at 11 years old the George Martin remixes kicked ass.


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