06: The Beatles Live!

March 31, 2014

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SATB 6In this show, Richard and Robert discuss The Beatles as performers: from the Star-Club to the Savile Row rooftop. Loads of rare live stuff to hear, including songs from each year they toured – and an alternate take from the rooftop show.

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    3 Responses to “06: The Beatles Live!”

    1. Troublewit Says:

      Thank you for your most enjoyable podcast. I hope to find it in iTunes someday.


    2. Norman Says:

      Insightful, a great listen. Don’t agree that all their live performances were bad in ’66, for example they looked quite polished in Munich mid ’66. Also, they did a good version of Nowhere Man during this concert. Was there discussion about too many concerts during Beatlemania? This may have contributed to their early demise as a live act. Paul only ‘took over’ because John and George got blase about their success snd stopped contributing. I agree that their realisation that other bands were now making the running made it harder for The Beatles to perpetuate their myth, their only recourse being to retreat further into their mystique by becoming a tripped out studio band. This gave them a couple more years of post-Beatlemania fame, it also helped to perpetuate their legend.


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