05: Fifty Years of US Releases

February 6, 2014

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In this episode, Robert and Richard discuss some of the Beatle novelty recordings of fifty years ago, plus the new box set release of all their American albums.


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    One Response to “05: Fifty Years of US Releases”

    1. Louis Pacifico Says:

      Yes the U.S. Albums box set seemed like a waste of money. I have both Capitol Album Box Sets from 04 & 06. Not getting the Y&T album in a volume 3 drove me nuts for a while. I resorted to Dr. Ebbett’s and was impressed but wanted something official. Y&T had a true stereo version which I purchased @ a Beatlefest NY metro thanks to our friend Bruce Spizer’s encouragement. I loved that version. Great on vinyl in true stereo. Hearing “And Your Bird Can Sing” in true stereo was a high. I’m so glad Bill Miller was in charge for that one. I did buy the U.S. albums box set any way. I found out through the UK’S publication HiFi World that Steve Berkowitz and Greg Calbi @ Sterling sound mastered the set with uncompressed stereo masters. They just added a little gain. They claimed the UK Stereo masters sounded sterile in digital form due to compression and equalization. So Paul Rigby claimed the U.S. Albums Box Set may be an audio file digital version. I still enjoy the vinyl more.


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