04: And When I Touch You: some mono/stereo variations

December 25, 2013

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Mono vs. Stereo/I Want To Hold Your Kozinn

In this show, Robert and Richard discuss some of the mono/stereo variations heard throughout the Beatles recordings, as well as the US vs. UK releases.”I Want To Hold Your Hand,” issued fifty years ago, is discussed with New York Times writer Allan Kozinn, author of the newly published Got That Something!: How the Beatles’ “I Want To Hold Your Hand” Changed Everything.

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    One Response to “04: And When I Touch You: some mono/stereo variations”

    1. BW Says:

      Didn’t know the story about George overseeing the remaster of the White Album. Cool that he did that. I gotta go with the US version of “She’s a Woman” and “I Feel Fine”. Just feels way bigger to me and has a cool sound to it. Also – The Beatles Second Album was a cool compilation for sure as was “Rubber Soul”. “Yesterday and Today” is ‘ok’. The US version of the “Help!” album was a drag. All that soundtrack stuff… yikes.
      Re: I Want To Hold Your Hand – “Leaping an octave means sex?” says who?? This is a laughable assertion to me. Sometimes things just sound good. Granted, I do think the lyrics are actually more sex entailed than at first glance. (Same with Please Please Me). I have listened to your guest’s podcast for a while. Yours is superior in every way.


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