02: Mark Lewisohn Tunes In

November 2, 2013

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In this show, Richard and Robert continue with part two of their exclusive interview with Beatles historian Mark Lewisohn, who talks about the making of his acclaimed new best-seller, All These Years: Volume One—Tune In. Also, the music of John Lennon – in and out of the Beatles – is discussed, as well as the making of the Beatles’ first Christmas message fifty years ago.



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    6 Responses to “02: Mark Lewisohn Tunes In”

    1. Pete Pecoraro Says:

      Fantastic — the best listening I’ve spent in quite awhile!


    2. Mary Concialdi Says:

      Love your podcasts! Although I grew up listening to the Beatles, I know very little trivia. Thanks for filling in the blanks! I am looking forward to hearing more of your banter and discussions.


    3. Shaun Says:

      Have just found your great podcast….I’m over the moon!


    4. Paul T Says:

      Good work Rich – thought this was more relaxed and you were both getting into the swing of the series. In imagining me talking to my son (who was not here when I listened tonight), when No.9 Dream started, I said “This is what we missed….what a waste” …and then shed a tear.


    5. Billy Shears Says:

      I was going to read Mark Lewisohn’s book … but then I found the audiobook and I listen at it.
      is that too lame 😀


    6. Cruella Says:

      I’ve only just found this podcast, courtesy of Bill Wyman’s “All 213 Beatles Songs, Ranked From Worst to Best”. As soon as you started talking about “Walls & Bridges” and then played “I’m Scared”, I had to drop in to say I LOVE this album. As much as I love “Plastic Ono Band”, this one, for me, is a tour de force; John’s vocals are sublime all the way through, the songs are strong, the musicianship is solid. It’s solo Lennon at his very best.


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