March 25, 2017


98: I’ve Seen That Road Before – Beatle Influencers and Inspirations

Like all successful artists, The Beatles drew from sources all over the place, some obvious; some not so much. In this detailed discussion

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March 20, 2017


97: Chuck Berry and The Beatles

It is a sign of the esteem that this musical icon was held by The Beatles that they performed more songs penned by him than any other single artist. Chuck Berry’s shadow looms large: as a performer – as a songwriter – as a guitarist.

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March 12, 2017


96: Ex-Beatles Helping Ex-Beatles (in the studio)

Covering the period of John’s lifetime, Richard and Robert examine the recordings produced by the formerly Fab foursome and how their individual artistry contributed to each other’s work.

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March 3, 2017


95: Heart’s Ann Wilson Talks Beatles

This episode features Robert and Richard in conversation with singer/songwriter Ann Wilson from Heart, who reveals how her deep love for The Beatles set her and sister Nancy on their life path from childhood.

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February 22, 2017


94: The Man Who Gave The Beatles Away – Allan Williams Remembered

In this special expended edition of SATB, Richard and Robert sit down with Mark Lewisohn to review the life and times of the Beatles’ first manager (yes, manager), who passed away late last year.

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February 17, 2017


93: Strawberry Fields Forever / Penny Lane At 50

Half a century ago, The Beatles ushered in the second half of their career – the studio years – with this landmark double A-side release. Though the single’s commercial fortunes might not have reflected it,

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February 11, 2017


92: The Beatles – A Day In Their Lives 

In which Richard and Robert trace the rather momentous events of February 11th (give or take) throughout the entirety of The Beatles’ career.

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February 4, 2017


91: The Beatles’ Live Reunion

What if the events of December 8, 1980 played out completely differently and somehow, an unscathed John Lennon – bereft of an obstructions – was able to join his former bandmates in a live concert situation; perhaps more than one?

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January 27, 2017


90: George and Paul

Within the Beatles, there were any number of complex personal dynamics. Those between the group’s lead guitarist and bassist were among the convoluted: the Pisces fish vs. Gemini twin.

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January 21, 2017


89: Post-Beatles Albums That Never Were

Not what you might think: collations of solo Beatle songs, if they’d been recorded for collective Beatle albums.

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